Route 309

Route 309 is busy, crazy busy. Serving as the main connection to Allentown and beyond, and with vehicles traveling at an average of 55mph, the state highway is not an ideal place for pedestrians to cross the road. Further complicating this problem is that Coopersburg has raised millions of dollars to create a world-class streetscape/rail trail system that wants to lead directly to Living Memorial Park across 309. At the moment crossing is not only unpopular it is downright dangerous.

Additionally, Coopersburg wants the thousands of daily motorists to veer off 309 and drive the 2 minutes into downtown in order to patronize its businesses. Not only do we need to calm traffic for crossings, we need to give drivers a reason to pay attention to the fact that they have entered a new locale.

Traffic Calming Concepts

We studied dozens of concepts from around the world to calm traffic and make motorists be interested that they have entered a new place.

We looked at painting perspective images on the road, creating a moving impediment when motorists stop at a traffic signal all kinds of public art along the roadway and median.

Thanks to the assistance from the good folks at PENN DOT, we landed with a plan that celebrates the history of Coopersburg while serving as a point of interest for motorists and encouraging them to slow down and turn into downtown.

Coopersburg has a celebrated history as one of the first cattle auction areas on the east coast. The plan is to create and erect 2 cows per block along the 6 block corridor. Each cow will be painted and/or designed by a local or regional artist. The cows will change at least every other year, possibly with more frequency.

Accompanying each cow will be a piece of public art to help draw make them more visible. Ideally cows and/or paint will be allowed along the medians. Typical white crosswalks will also be installed at all intersections.

Two proposed options

Option 1: Simple additions

Proposed at Route 309 Crossings:

  • E. Station Ave
  • Landis St.
  • E. Fairmont St.

Option 2: Public Art Installation w/ “Slow Down” Signage

  • Roses w/ “Stop and smell the roses”
  • Horses w/ “Hold your horses”
  • Boulder w/ “Slow your roll”

Where are they going?